Digital Publicity is our Game

A business needs a strong and stable digital presence in this day and age, but utilising the tools available digitally can at most times be daunting and plain confusing. Feels Digital will help ease the digital process by offering many services that will help promote your brand or business digitally.

Digital Essentials

Take your brand into the digital era with these digitally essential services!

Digital Plan

Digital consultation, content & strategy planning, social media setup, and list suggested tools.

Brand Naming

Catchy name creation, domain name purchasing, social media creation, and the digital plan (above).


Digital consultation, website design, Google integration, and the digital plan (above).

Digital Marketing

Let us look after your brand digitally so you can have more time to work physically.


Search & Display ads, social media advertising, setup & tracking, English & Arabic languages are available.

Social Media

Content creation, commenting, client constant contact, English & Arabic languages are available.


Quick responses, friendly, professional, English & Arabic languages are available.

Web Tools & Services

A website is a digital workplace, if it looks good and works well, you will please the customer. FD can create and manage pleasing digital workplaces!

Web Design

Personal & professional Website options, Google integration, site SEO, English & Arabic languages are available.


Website consultations, page updates, Blog/News posting, and website maintenance

Website Chat

Quick response, high quality designed plugin, professional, English & Arabic languages are available.

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