Meos Geo Bahrain Display Video Production

I was hired to create a video for one of the displays at the Meos Geo event. They came to me last minute with some footage they wanted me to use in the video. This is the video I was able to deliver during the time they gave me:


Physical Literacy Program Bahrain Reel Video Production

I was hired by the Bahrain Olympic Academy to create this Reel for their social media channel on Instagram. I sourced and edited this reel for the Bahrain Olympic Academies Physical literacy program. All the clips used where stock videos.


Resecurity @ AICS Bahrain

I was hired by Resecurity to cover their booth at the AICS event in Bahrain. Here are some of the media items delivered:

Yatta Sport App Promotional Video Production Campaign

Yatta approached me to help create a campaign of multiple videos and static posts which will help them promote their new Application. Idea wise they came up with most of the post and video ideas, I then created the content for them. Before I created anything I had to go through a process of creating a unified style for the campaign. I sent the client a mood board with many items displaying how the content should look like and feel like and then we went through the process of choosing what works best. The colors and fonts where all supplied by the client as well.

Ps. These are mostly sized as 4:5 aspect ratio as we worked on these just before Instagram gave us Reels in Bahrain.

Here are the posts I created:

These videos where accompanied by these posts:

Helping you promote your brand

This idea for a promotional animation popped in my head where I wanted to create a human-shaped being that also might represent a soul shape that is floating with many other beings. The Being will then have floating lights that surround him and give him a boost that pushes him forward away from the rest of the crowd, emphasising the advance in business. Enjoy the video:


Study Abroad with Education Zone Video

Education Zone wanted me to create a nice trendy video for them which showed what they do exactly. Since they are sending students abroad I decided the best direction is to find stock videos of locations around the world and we also asked some of the Universities they worked with to send them some videos of their universities that we can use. In the second part of the video, I filmed in their office, showing the many friendly staff at Education Zone and with the help of text animations I explained what they do. I ended the video with a couple of video reviews we asked some of their students to give us plus a nice animation of the Google Reviews page and of course the logo outro with a call to action. Enjoy: