Education Zone Career Book Design

When I received this project from Education Zone, I felt like I knew what it needed as a book. I saw the style and the vision in my head directly.

As per usual I got to work on the research, looking for illustrations that match the vision in my mind. After finding a few I sent them over to Education Zone for approval. I got the approval and I got to work looking for an illustrator that can draw down my vision. I found an artist named Reem in Bahrain that could do the job. I gave her the images I found and told her to start working on the main character for this project who is the owner of Education Zone, Suad Alhalwachi.

She sent me back a file with all the different characters she drew but unfortunately I lost that file. Here is the file which I deleted the characters I didn’t like from so I can send it back to her for the next steps in the process.

From there she drew a few more options from which I chose this character (which I loved):

Here is another version of the same character with a different Hijab, which I did not go with:

After we had the style of the art down we started working on the ideas for the illustrations for each chapter of the book, plus the idea for the book cover, and this is how this looked like:

Once we agreed on the ideas for the illustrations she started drawing them and here are some of the final results:

Of course, no book is complete without the cover:

Once we got it printed I took photos of it for use on socials and so on: