My first photo book purchase

Becki and Chris are two popular content creators who share videos of their work on YouTube. Recently they documented a trip they took back to their home city of Newfoundland. The video itself was such a joy to watch and in addition to that they also decided to create a photo book which showcases the photos they took during that trip.

I have never purchased a photo book to this day and thought this will be the perfect book to get as I want to support what they do and I love their photography style. I received the book yesterday and immediately setup a small set and took photos of it to show off online. Here are the photos:

Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm for sale

I took these photos of my Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm as I wanted to sell it. I love this lens and it is great but it has one issue, the front petals don’t allow a screw on filter to be attached, the weird thing is it has the thread that allows a filter to go on it! Why Voigtlander?

Resecurity @ AICS Bahrain

I was hired by Resecurity to cover their booth at the AICS event in Bahrain. Here are some of the media items delivered:

A Japanese Fusion Pt. 2

I have to show some of these photos off without mentioning the restaurant or client as I’m under an NDA. This is the second shoot at this restaurant and I really enjoy working with them as they go above and beyond to make their food look good and presentable. These are my own edits and the client will edit them in their own style. Here are some of the photos from this shoot with my own editing style:

I also took a couple of clips of there dishes that include smoke and dried ice.