Team Building for American School Bahrain by Peak Unity

I was hired by Peak Unity to cover their Team building event for The American School Bahrain. I was hired to take photos and videos. Here is the video I delivered:



I also gave it to them in Reel format for their socials:



Here are some of the photos I delivered as well:


Kontrol Sweetener Bottle Photos

I was hired by Kontrol to take a nice photo of their bottled product. The aim was to give them a high quality beautiful looking and clear photos for them to crop and use on their marketing material. These are the photos I delivered:


CM Corporate Lifestyle Shoot

I was hired by Carolina Mir to take corporate lifestyle photos of their team. Carolina Mir is a design firm that is very modern and creative. The pictures really reflect that:

My first filmic photography shoot

I worked with Carolina Mir recently as a photographer for this up coming food brand. Their idea for the campaign or brand is to go for old film photography style photos. I really enjoyed this shoot as I myself have been getting into the recent trend of film photography edits. They will do their own edits on the photos I delivered but I edited these to what I felt is filmic based on old Fujifilm photos.

BNH Staff Portrait Photos

I was hired by BNH to take portrait photos for 5 members of their staff. These are some of the photos I delivered:


The Classic Portrait

I love when I get a chance to take portrait photos the way I like them. As I am usually photographing for big corporate companies that usually stick to bright pictures with a usually bright background. These are some of my favourite photos I have taken I think ever. My client was very nervous at the beginning as most of them usually are but as the shoot progressed he came to like trust me and leaned into it with the poses I asked him to try. Here are some of my favourites: