LinkedIn Bahrain?

I love LinkedIn and have been doing some marketing in the form of posts on the Social Network. I got contacted by Mr Jatinder who ran an event named ‘LinkedIn Local Manama’. They asked me if I would sponsor the event by supplying a portrait photo booth. I accepted as I have not been to an event for a very long time let alone advertised in one. Here are some of the photos from that event:

A UK pre-departure event for Education Zone

Education Zone hired me to film their student pre-departure event. I filmed and took photos of them at the event. I gave them one highlight video for the event and another similar one but sized for Instagram Reels. They explained to me that the video is doing very well on their social media page without having them promote it at all. Here is the video:

And here are some photos:


Team Building Event for Bayan School by Peak Unity

Peak Unity approached me with a job to film and take some photographs for them at an event they are holding at Bahrain Albayan School. It was a half-day event where I filmed inside the gym mostly but also some shots around the school. They wanted the final video to be a one-minute highlight of the event plus they wanted some reel videos for Instagram as well. Here is the final highlight video:

And here are some of the photos:

A Japanese Fusion in Al Khobar

I have to show some of these photos off without mentioning the restaurant or client as I’m under an NDA. The restaurant really went beyond by providing us first of all, with beautiful dishes, lovely plating and plates They also had plenty of props that represented the Japanese kitchen. As the photographer, I was given a brief and sample images of how they wanted the photos to look which is great as we all know what needs to be done. Here are some pictures from the shoot:


The flavours of Latin America

I was hired by an agency to take photos for the new Alo Latin American Restaurant that opened in Bahrain. They wanted some photos that show the food and the location as well. They wanted me to edited in a style they sent me samples of which is more muted rather than vibrant. Here are some of my favourites.

Elames Group and Portrait Photos

Elames Group hired Feels Digital to take staff portrait photos and a few group photos for each of their owners, managers and team members. Here are some of the photos we took: