Wingman Bahrain food photography

I was hired by my partner Carolina Mir to take food photos for their client Wingman. Here are some of the photos I delivered:


Eskan Bank Bahrain Youth Day portrait photography

I worked with Tunnel Solution on this project for Eskan Bank. They showed me samples of the style of photos they wanted, they also booked The Studio for the shoot (which was great as they had some nice props and such to use). Here are some of the photos I delivered:

AEB Bahrain Portrait Photos

I was hired by Arabian East Bureau to take portraits of all their staff. They looked through my website and found a photo they wanted to emulate for their portraits and these are some of the photos I delivered:

House of Uniforms Bahrain Work Uniform Fashion Photography

I worked with Carolina-Mir on their project for House of Uniforms in Bahrain. They hired me to take portrait photos of models wearing the new uniforms for HOU latest catalogue. This project has been one of my favourites so far this year, The client worked hard, Carolina-Mir’s team worked hard, the models were really great and everything came together in a great way. I handed them many photos but i want to highlight these as they are the ones they used for promotions. They have been used on Large LED displays and highway billboards and Social Media as well.

These are the photos they used for the billboards:

These are social media posts:

This is the video for the large LED screen billboard: