Team Building for American School Bahrain by Peak Unity

I was hired by Peak Unity to cover their Team building event for The American School Bahrain. I was hired to take photos and videos. Here is the video I delivered:



I also gave it to them in Reel format for their socials:



Here are some of the photos I delivered as well:


Kontrol Sweetener bottle photography

I was hired by Kontrol to take a nice photo of their bottled product. The aim was to give them a high quality beautiful looking and clear photos for them to crop and use on their marketing material. These are the photos I delivered:


My first filmic photography session Bahrain

I worked with Carolina Mir recently as a photographer for this up coming food brand. Their idea for the campaign or brand is to go for old film photography style photos. I really enjoyed this shoot as I myself have been getting into the recent trend of film photography edits. They will do their own edits on the photos I delivered but I edited these to what I felt is filmic based on old Fujifilm photos.