The Fair that is in Autumn

I was hired to cover the Bahrain Autumn fair last year. They hired me to film for three out of the 10 days and then create for them three videos, one for the opening day and one which shows the location and products and crowds and the third video is a corporate video they will use for their marketing internally. Here are two of the three videos as the third video will be delivered to them later on.


Resecurity @ AICS Bahrain

I was hired by Resecurity to cover their booth at the AICS event in Bahrain. Here are some of the media items delivered:

A Japanese Fusion Pt. 2

I have to show some of these photos off without mentioning the restaurant or client as I’m under an NDA. This is the second shoot at this restaurant and I really enjoy working with them as they go above and beyond to make their food look good and presentable. These are my own edits and the client will edit them in their own style. Here are some of the photos from this shoot with my own editing style:

I also took a couple of clips of there dishes that include smoke and dried ice.

Shaima Ashkanani Art Exhibit

I was hired by Mrs. Shiama Ashkanani to film and photograph her art exhibit in Bahrain. She wanted to split the video into two with one showing her body art section and the other showing her calligraphy art. Here are the videos:

Here are some of the photos I took as well:

Isaac’s 50th Birthday

I was hired to film and photograph Mr. Isaac Chinedu’s 50th birthday. The music used on this video are popular music tracks that the client liked, Feels Digital does not own the copyrights to use them so I had to remove them to upload this video on YouTube. Here is the delivered video:

Here are some of the photos I took as well: