Who’s got the sauce?

I worked with the team at Local BH to create a promotional video for McDonald’s 40 years of McNuggets promo campaign. Local BH Directed the video and I filmed and edited it. Here is the final video:

Braxtone new division videos and corporate headshots

I was hired by Braxtone to film videos for their announcement about creating new divisions within their company. They also needed staff portraits of their management team for their website. Here are the delivered videos:



Here are the photos delivered:

Autumn Fair post event corporate video 2023

I was hired to film the Autumn Fair Bahrain event in 2022. The deliverables called for 2 videos during the event and a third corporate style video which will be delivered post the event. Here is that video:


World Police Summit 2023 in Dubai

I was hired by Resecurity to film the event coverage of the World Police Summit in Dubai which they attended. They hired me to take daily photos of the event plus film a highlight reel for them during the three day event. Here is he video I filmed and edited for them:


And here are some photos I took:

Dr Mayasa’s art exhibit opening night

I got a call from Dr Mayasa asking me to cover her art exhibit opening night. The deal was to create one video highlight of the event, but when I started editing the clip my vision changed to having two videos rather than one. One video that covers more of the art pieces while the other concentrated on the people visiting the exhibit on that night. Here are the videos I edited: