BNH Youth Day Staff Videos

I was contacted by one of the staff over at BNH telling me they want to record some nice interview videos for their staff talking about their career working for BNH. We ended up creating 5 videos for them with the results below:

AMH Safe Hands Awareness Video

This must have been one of the best videos I have worked on. This project was a collaboration between Feels Digital and long-time partner Strategic Hospitality Services. We did the research for AMH on forms of Awareness videos available and proposed an idea which was approved.

We planned a three-day shoot where we filmed inside most of the AMH branches. This was not a high-budget campaign so we had to be restrictive with our time. Everything went so smoothly even the hard-to-shoot sections such as the newborn baby shot and filming inside an operating room (which was the most fun). The shot that really had me on edge was the MRI room as that thing is a huge magnet and I did not want to damage my gear.

We would have loved to add some drone shots to this video but because of drone restrictions in Bahrain, we could not do much about it. Hopefully, we can get past that restriction sometime in the future.

Here are the videos in both English and Arabic voiceovers. The only thing we did not work on was the logo animation at the end, which was given to us by AMH to use.

Domain Hotel Ramadan Ghabga Video

This project was a collaboration between Feels Digital and long-time partner Strategic Hospitality Services. SHS did most of the heavy lifting on this project, where they organised the models, the location and the idea and look behind the video.

I came in as the DoP and with my gear, I figured out a few good locations to film and got to work. This video is a turning point for Feels Digital as it was so well organised and executed I don’t feel I would want to do anything which is less organised other than events of course.

Valour Apparel’s Q1 2022 Campaign

I am fortunate to have worked with the owners of this brand as they are very intricate and detailed and well versed in marketing and really knew what he wanted in terms of budget and the look for the marketing campaign for Valour’s latest cloth line. We rented a studio with a white background and They hired a few models for us to take photos and videos during the two-day shoot.

Here are some of the photos:


We also shot some short clips while at the photo shoot and created these videos out of them:

Elames Showroom Promo Videos for Instagram

This was the second job for Elames where I was hired to film walkthroughs inside the Elames showroom in Bahrain. This was shot in a normal aspect ratio but then edited for Instagram back then’s popular square format.


Area Restaurant Promotional Video

This was one of the hardest video shoots I ever had as the interior of this restaurant had mirrors on every wall, which made my life very hard when trying to find a good angle to shoot. I took the job as a challenge as I know I can’t advance in my career without taking on more complex jobs. The good thing about the shoot was that the restaurant hired two good models that were so cool and didn’t bother us at all during the shoot. The Restaurant itself also put some effort into creating amazing-looking food plus purchased many props for the video as well.