Drwazat Shaheera Bahrain Video Production

I had the pleasure of filming a location spotlight for Drwazat Shaheera, a family run restaurant that make delicious food, plus the place looks just amazing. Take a look:


I also had some clips that I couldn’t add to the main video so i gave it to them as extras.


OSR Middle East Member Forum 2023 Coverage

I was hired by Oil Spill Response Bahrain to cover their Middle East Member Forum. Here is the video I delivered:



And here are some of the photos delivered as well:

Team Building for American School Bahrain by Peak Unity

I was hired by Peak Unity to cover their Team building event for The American School Bahrain. I was hired to take photos and videos. Here is the video I delivered:



I also gave it to them in Reel format for their socials:



Here are some of the photos I delivered as well:


Villa Mamas on Dine In Video Production

I was hired by Carolina Mir (an agency) to film the Dine in application promo video to help show that Villa Mamas is now on their app. This footage here was edited by myself but CM will do their own edit for the video plus they will add details like logos and so on.