Hourly pricing is the only way to go! I will give approximates for the job, but nothing beats hourly pricing, trust me.


Services such as Graphic Design, Video Editing, Animations, Web Development & Research. (Anything I can do without leaving my desk :D)

Photography (Light)

In-studio photography, photography with a single light, real estate photos and event coverage.

Photography (heavy)

Out of Studio Photography with many lights and equipment. Usually for food and product photography and locations that need many lights, and full team portrait photography.

Filming (Light)

Hand held filming of event. (Myself and the camera only)

Filming (with Stabilizer)

Filming of events with my camera and a gimbal (Video stabilizer)

Filming (Heavy)

Filming of events or video shoots with all my equipment. Lighting, stands, camera, gimbal and more.

Business Creative Packages

Giving your business a boost by helping you build your brand and all the media around it.

The Process:

At Feels Digital we are committed to understanding the client personally and the brand/business technically, identifying business objectives to tailor the best-fit strategy that aligns with your personality and business aspirations. We invest heavily in earning your trust and reliability as we hold your hand from point A to Z, and beyond.

The Rules:

  • You must pick an option bellow
  • Domain & web hosting fees are paid by the client
  • Product photos are limited depending on categories
  • Websites designs are to be chosen from templates
  • Instagram grid curation is limited up to 21 posts
  • Rules may be amended in the future and changes will be displayed in the PDF version, and on the website.


Feels Digital Productions S.P.C. was established in October 2017. Feels Digital is a Single Person Company owned by Jihad Al Razqi. Feels Digital helps ease the digital process by offering many services that will help you promote your brand or business.

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