AMH Safe Hands Awareness Video

This must have been one of the best videos I have worked on. This project was a collaboration between Feels Digital and long-time partner Strategic Hospitality Services. We did the research for AMH on forms of Awareness videos available and proposed an idea which was approved.

We planned a three-day shoot where we filmed inside most of the AMH branches. This was not a high-budget campaign so we had to be restrictive with our time. Everything went so smoothly even the hard-to-shoot sections such as the newborn baby shot and filming inside an operating room (which was the most fun). The shot that really had me on edge was the MRI room as that thing is a huge magnet and I did not want to damage my gear.

We would have loved to add some drone shots to this video but because of drone restrictions in Bahrain, we could not do much about it. Hopefully, we can get past that restriction sometime in the future.

Here are the videos in both English and Arabic voiceovers. The only thing we did not work on was the logo animation at the end, which was given to us by AMH to use.


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