Who Is Feels Digital?

Feels Digital is a Bahraini-based company that offers a wide range of services including photography, video production, and much more. Our mission is to refine and fine tune the look and feel of the brands we work with. This will allow them to establish an effective presence and reach their target audience.

We base our recommendations on current and ongoing research. Applying improvements to company media such as corporate profiles, websites and social media will help boost your brand image. We will create for you appealing content for the web, social media, and traditional mediums alike.

Jihad Al Razqi

Owner • Father to 2 • Techie

I am the owner and managing director of Feels Digital. As a freelancer or contractor, I am able to work with companies on a variety of projects. As a result of my extensive knowledge and experience in the digital and media creation realms, I am a very valuable member when it comes to helping companies create quality, professional-looking content of all sizes and formats.

During my time at university, I pursued my interests and studied the media industry in depth. This was to gain a thorough understanding of everything from the history of radio to advertising and content creation in the media industry.

In addition to being a father of two, I am also an avid gamer, a lover of the sport of boxing, as well as an avid technology enthusiast.

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