Who is Feels Digital?

Feels Digital is my photography and video production company based in Bahrain. I help you tell your story with a variety of production services, from commercial photography to event videography. I am a professional photographer and videographer who has a passion for creating captivating and effective content. I handle every aspect of the production process, from planning to editing, ensuring a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. My mission is to establish Feels Digital as one of the most trusted and respected production houses in the region and beyond.

Jihad Al Razqi

Owner • father to 2 • techie

I am the founder of Feels Digital, a photography and video production company based in Bahrain. I help businesses create captivating and effective content that tells their story and reaches their goals. I work as a freelancer or contractor, partnering with companies on different kinds of projects. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in producing quality, professional-looking content. I can handle every aspect of the content creation process, from ideation to execution to delivery, making me a valuable and flexible ally for any business.

I have always been passionate about the media industry and its power to inform, entertain, and inspire. I studied a broad range of topics at university, from the history of radio to the latest innovations in advertising and content creation. I gained a deep and comprehensive understanding of the media industry and how it operates. I also mastered the technical skills and tools required for producing high-quality and engaging content for different media platforms. I learned how to use various cameras, lighting, sound, editing, and animation software to create stunning films and photos. I worked on several projects that challenged me to apply my knowledge, creativity, and technical abilities to real-world scenarios.

Besides being a proud father of two amazing kids, I have many other passions and hobbies that keep me busy and happy. I am a gamer who loves to immerse myself in different worlds and challenges. I am a fan of boxing, a sport that requires skill, strength, and courage. I am also a tech enthusiast who always keeps up with the latest gadgets and innovations. I enjoy learning new things and exploring new possibilities with technology.

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