Who Is Feels Digital?

Feels Digital was established with the intentions of creating different content for many mediums such as Website Design & Development, Branding & Logo Creation, Graphics Design, Videography, Photography and Animation.

After approximately 3 years, these services are still available, but have been sculpted or realigned properly where Videography & Photography, Graphics Design and Animations have become first in line before all other services. Even within these services there are categories that have risen up in the list of let’s call them passions, i.e. in Photography I find that I would rather concentrate on product photography rather than fashion or modeling photos, I am not even trying to promote services in model photography anymore. Animation or motion graphics is another service that I have been enjoying and pushing myself to promote and improve in.

The services taking a back seat are Logo creation and Website design & Development, even though I like working on these two services and I do not think they will completely be removed from our services portfolio in the future, but they are not as important to me and Feels Digital at the moment.

My vision for Feels Digital has always been to help my clientele look good. Many people do not realize the power of a brand. Branding has always been a core belief or detail that I push to every client. The first question I usually ask a client is do you have any brand guidelines? Because I always love working to build a brand the right way, and I know if a company doesn’t have that brand base (Guides) then they are leaving their brand to be ruined or damaged by other media companies that have the mentality of just making another Dinar or another Dollar rather than help the client grow as well.

Jihad Al Razqi

Owner • Father to 2 • Techie

At a university level, I pursued my passions and studied deep into the media industry, learning everything from the history of Radio and Television to Advertising and Content Creation.

I Never thought of design, animation, videography and photography as work – it is my hobby, my passion and now it is my career.

When I am not working on my phone, camera or laptop or getting punched by my lovely kids you will find me learning new techniques and watching gaming videos on Youtube with a nice cup of strong red tea next to me.

I am just a passionate Digital Content Creator with energy that is hard to ignore! Feels Digital is my life, my dream and my Stark Industries.


Feels Digital Productions S.P.C. was established in October 2017. Feels Digital is a Single Person Company owned by Jihad Al Razqi. Feels Digital helps ease the digital process by offering many services that will help you promote your brand or business.

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